Hit Your Target

How  To  Hit  Your  Target

As a general rule, I’m not a ‘big talker’  –  I’m more of a ‘sit back, observe, look and listen’ kind of guy.

I strongly subscribe to the adage that:

“God gave us all 2 ears and 1 mouth  –  and we should use them in that same ratio”

businessman-bow-arrow-concept-determination-business-35566593On the basis of my observations, it seems that a great deal of modern business practice is focussed upon such things as:

  • some future outcome;
  • a key performance indicator;
  • a key results area;
  • a better bottom line;
  • another successful round of funding;
  • more subscribers; or
  • some measureable increase in the number of orders,

or, in general terms, on the moment that we ‘hit the target’ – whatever the target might actually be.

However, my observations have taught me that we don’t hit targets because we continually focus on them.  We know that the target is there but ‘the target’ itself should not be the focus.

The actual focus is – and should be – on:

  • how we aim;
  • doing the right thing today and then building on those ethics; and
  • doing it over and over again.

An Olympic Archer

Please consider this analogy:

Hit Your TargetWhen an Olympic archer takes aim for his/her target, s/he doesn’t just keep an eye on the target.

S/He is acutely aware that the target is there, out in the distance, but s/he sees it vaguely or, sometimes, not at all.  The true point of aim is always much closer than the actual target itself.

The holistic ‘point of aim’ for an archer includes a detailed consideration of, amongst many other things:

  • their peripheral awareness of other archers around them;
  • ambient weather conditions;
  • the fact that, sometimes, and through no fault of the archer, “the proverbial” happens; and
  • what terrain lies between them and the little red dot 50 metres away.

Actually hitting a target is determined by how s/he aims – not merely by the fact that s/he’s shooting for the target.

Your Target

Your actual target is not some distant outcome or a blurry vision of tomorrow.

Your actual target is how – and where – you’re aiming right now – and this is invariably affected by the totality of what’s happening around you today.

Peter Kerin

Peter Kerin

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Credit for the above Olympic archery image goes to photographer ‘Max Lim’.