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Shallow Chinese Stimulus

The  FMG  Litmus  Test At the present time, government issued bond yields pretty much just give you your money back after inflation  –  if you’re lucky. Often when you’re desperate for returns, you tend to ignore risk  –  which is … Continue reading

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Are Swiss Racists?

The  Swiss  Handshake Just some of the many benefits of having a beautiful, 22-year-old daughter who is a recent graduate of the left-wing / ALP / Greens / student union dominated Adelaide University is that I’m often reminded, amongst many … Continue reading

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Deutsche Bank Collapse

The  Impending  ‘Deutsche  Bank’  Collapse This article is a little long – but it’s a complex and important issue!  Please persist until the end! The legendary share investor Warren Buffett describes derivatives as ‘weapons of mass destruction.’ With this description … Continue reading

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Your Money’s Safety

How  Safe  is  Your  Money?  …………..  Really!! In recent years, we’ve all heard people (ie: the perennial “armchair experts”) talk about financial crises  –  though mostly about those crises happening in Europe, China, and the US. As residents of the … Continue reading

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Allocating Marketing Resources

Effectively  Allocating  Your  Marketing  Resources During the 1990s marketers (ie: advertisers) had no choice but to pay tens of thousands of dollars each year for print, TV, radio or other forms of conventional (ie: ‘traditional’ pre 2000’s) advertising, so they … Continue reading

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