Hit Your Target

I recently published an article entitled:

How to Hit Your Target

on this website.  You can read the article HERE

businessman-bow-arrow-concept-determination-business-35566593 Hit Your TargetIn short, the article discusses why businesses, when setting future goals / targets, should look at FAR more than just some distant, hoped for achievements.

I ask that you reflect upon the facts that, in my respectful opinion:

  • Your actual target is not some distant outcome or a blurry vision of tomorrow.
  • Your actual target is how – and where – you’re aiming right now – and this is invariably affected by the totality of what’s happening around you today.

If you have the chance, please let me know your thoughts about the article.

Peter Kerin

Peter Kerin

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Credit for the above archery image goes to photographer ‘Max Lim’.
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